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ROI Applied
Published on 12-10-2020

Hello Dear Members,

Due to Some Problems I am offline from site, But now I am here to pay you without any delay.

Today Our staff decided to apply ROI rule as you know every Ptc  site have this rule for site stability.

ROI 175%  for every member standard and upgraded.

For example : if you invest $ 1  you can withdraw $1.75.

Please maintain your ROI in 48 hours otherwise your payout refunded.


We decided payout time period for upgrade 24 hours  and standard 24-72 hours.

I know this rule is strict but for site stability its necessary.

Thank You


Revenge Group of ptc


Mentenance problem
Published on 07-10-2020

Hi all guys, 

Mentenance take long period due to my laptop out of order. 

I don't have access to admin panel. 

But now everything is fine. 

During Mentenance some pending payments canceled and some refunded mistakenly.

Please do again payout request if you meet all requirements.

Please read TOS about payments. 

I am really sorry for this trouble. 

All payments will complete today and tomorrow. Please don't worry. 


Revenge Group of Ptc

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